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residential wallpaper

If you are considering revamping any room in your home, such as the bathroom, home-office, kitchen or foyer, D&L Wall Design provides the most extensive selections. Our team of wallcovering experts will achieve the perfect space.

Commercial wallpaper

We have experience in installing wallcovering in healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, schools, airports offices, apartment buildings, hotel lobbies and corridors, you can count on D&L Wall Design to get to the job done on time.


This highly popular selection adds depth and natural charm to any living space. Grasscloth uses natural fibers like sea grass, hemp,  recycled paper paperweave, jute and raffia. Embrace nature’s bright side and spruce up your décor style.

Silk, Hemp, raffia

Silk wallcoverings can have a refined sheen that dazzles in any living space or a matte finish to add sophistication. Hemp provides a chic texture that stuns with hues that can be soft or bold. Whimsical and natural, raffia allows you to play with forms, colors and patterns.

English pulp wallpapers

Back when wallcoverings were handmade, quality could be counted on. The legacy of high-quality luxury exists with English pulp wallpaper. This non-woven selection is a mixture of organic pulp and textile fibers.

paintable textured wallpaper

Select the hues or shades you want to use and unleash your imagination. Each of our selections comes with an array of patterns and textures that you can customize to make your home a sanctuary of style.

wallpaper removal

D&L Wall Design commonly removes wallpaper in homes, hotel hallways and lobbies, healthcare facilities, and apartment corridors, to allow the wall to be prepared for new wallcovering or paint.

wallpaper repair

We can repair any wallpaper that has been broken or damaged. We will provide the best service for your residential or commercial project. Repairs may take between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the damage.

Digital mural installations

Technology can be warm and inviting. Mix mediums and experiment when you fill up your wall space with a digital mural installation from D&L Wall Design. Give your wall life by creating a vibrant background.

Retro wallpaper

Nostalgia-inspired patterns and colors of yesterday’s era bring the present and future into your home’s style. Retro wallpaper has the advantage of using current manufacturing techniques and materials to give you a look that lasts.

wallpaper mural installation

Customize your wallpaper mural with D&L Wall Design. The advantage of wallpaper murals is the standard rules of symmetry and repeats can be changed for you on an expansive scale. You can also play around with texture.

Acoustic wall covering

Silence is one of the world’s most coveted commodities, and acoustic wall coverings from D&L Wall Design offer you a multitude of sound-deadening materials to absorb lighter levels of the echo spectrum.

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